Current and Emerging works

I am continuously working with new images and tying them back to my archive of writings and photographs, consolidating narratives and creating new ideas, images and fusions.

I see the story of my photography moving from photojournalism, through an investigation of transmissions of qualities of time and consciousness, then into dialogue with the past, archive, and, through scanning, into dialogue with digital technologies and, simultaneously, towards an increasingly distressed, distorted and abstracted image (these themes can be traced through this site.)

I am currently working towards making a hard copy booklet ‘Where Is that Light Now?‘ which begins to consolidate these themes and stories in the less equivocal realm of the actual and physically manifest.

I am also negotiating the funding learning curve, applying for funding (to make the booklet) for the first time in my 30-year career as an artist in London.

I want this booklet to become a model for a series of similar works in published editions.

I am also working towards making works available for sale through a Berlin-based online gallery.

The three images here are from a series of new investigations titled, respectively: 1. Hendon Blues (2014), 2. Urban Sublime (2014), and 3. Photiclore (2014)




Current and Emerging worksCurrent and Emerging worksCurrent and Emerging works