Aside for reviews and articles (to be listed elsewhere on this site) I have provided the following texts for artists’ catalogues, and some contributions to art-related books, booklets, projects etc.

If I have a copy on my archive shelve then I have listed it  below.

However, I think there are more, of which I don’t have copies ready to hand.

Therefore, if you are an artist or org. for whom I have written, and your article is not listed, please contact me to update my archive accurately and comprehensively.

N.B. I do not necessarily have links to these (by definition) hard-copy objects.

Are We There Yet?on Duncan Pickstock, ACME Rita Harris Studio Award catalogue essay

The Scene of the Self
, pp. 12-19, This ‘Me’ of Mine – Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age, Jane Boyer, XLibris, 2013 ISBN 978-1-4836-7006-5

From Tall Story to Infinite Conversation: ‘The Head Fountain’ – Warren Garland at West Lane South, West Lane South Gallery, January, 2014

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha – A Portrait in Fragments (Paul O’Kane, editor) pub. Bea De Sousa & KCC UK, December 2013

The Politics of Performance pp. 91 – 97 (Italian translation pp. 84 – 90) for Nicola Ruben Montini The Crisis and a Crisis in the Life of an Actress. Galleria Massimodeluca, Mestre-Venezia, 2013

The Secret Carnival, pp. 3-4. Vault, 2nd Year Fine art Show, 2013, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, London. ISBN 978 1 908971 180

Four Characters With Implied Narrative, pp. 21- 24, Aspidistra 2

A Perfect Picture of What To Do Next, pp. 41- 44, Aspidistra 1, ASPIDISTRA-MAGAZINE.BLOGSPOT.COM

Across The Bridge, pp.15-16, Aspidistra X Sci-Fi Special, Spring, 2012

INTERESTING (Paul O’Kane, editor and contributor), Summer 2005 see:

The Beauty of Failure, for Triumph of the Will, curated by Richard Ducker for Camberwell Space, London, 2012 ISBN 978-1-98971-10-4

Eavle Painting –bound lecture series, for Louisa Minkin’s Camberwell Painting course, 2001

How To Hypnotise A Chicken, pp.63 – 68, Johannes Phokela, I Like My Neighbours, David Krut Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9814188-2-7, Johannesburg, 2009

The Time Before That (artist’s book) pub. eeodo, 2010, to accompany For The Sake of the Image, Jerwood Space, 2010

Thijs The Invisible, Invisible Man, 3,  pub. G/P Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, May, 2009

Paul O’Kane, p.14 Shaping Sculpture, ed. George Unsworth & Katie Sedwell, pub UAL. London, April 2010

In And Out of the City, p.3, Shadows Have Shadows, The Society for Heresiarchs of Autonomous Art, ed. Max Headroom, London, 2010

To Have And To Care, pp. 28 – 35, Thy Neighbour’s Ox 2, Space Station 65, London, 2005

The Art of Righting, pp. 7 – 9, MA Fine Art Degree Show catalogue, Central St Martins College of Art & Design, London 2009

Paul O’Kane, Unpredictable Retrospective, for Yesvember, 15/11/2004

The No Goal, or ‘My Seminal Insubordination,’ Yesvember (catalogue), ed. Claudi Milioti, pub. Chunky Arts, London, November, 2004

The Event of my Event: 2 Decades of Epistemological Revolution, Yesvember (catalogue), ed. Claudi Milioti, pub. Chunky Arts, London, November, 2004

Black & Beauty & The Beast, for When In Rome, Lewisham Art House, London, curated by Amanda Francis & Raimi Gbadamosi, October, 2003 ISBN 1 86157 019 8

The No Goal, or ‘My Seminal Insubordination, for When In Rome III, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, curated by Raimi Gbadamosi, September, 2004 ISBN 0 9521780 28

Broken English, Broken Teeth (Extract) 2002-04, for When In Rome II, Spacex Gallery, Exeter, curated by Raimi Gbadamosi, May, 2004 ISBN 1 86157 022 8

Polishing The Ruins, for Deux Animaux #1, Memory & Ruin, ed. Kyle Zeto, London, 2011

Arctic Circles: Towards A Micromanticism, for Deux Animaux Vol 2. The Romantic Mind, ed. Kyle Zeto, London, 2013

One or Two Ways to Square One, pp. 28-43, for There will Be Others, ed. Keh Ng & Matthew Stock, pub. the Modern Language Experiment for Angus Hughes Gallery, London, 2012

The Corners of our Eyes –the Paintings of Johannes Phokela, for Landlord of the Lion, Johannes Phokela, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London, Summer 2005

Seeing, Being & Believing, The Work of Sabera Bham, for Concealed Visions, Veiled Sisters, Sabera Bham, Gallery II, University of Bradford, April-June, 1999

Paul O’Kane, pp. 294 – 97, for What Is An Art Book? ed. Matthew Stock & Keh Ng, pub. The Modern Language Experiment, London, 2011

Nearer To The Further Shore, Paul O’Kane, In Memory of the Chinese Cockle Pickers who perished at Morecambe Bay 2005, p. 18, Printed Project Issue 11, Farewell To Post-Colonialism, Querying the Guangzhou Triennial 2008, curator/Editor Sarat Maharaj, pub. Visual Artists Ireland, May 2009, ISSN 1649 4075

Painting & Today, for Swell, Painting 1997, Royal College of Art, catalogue compiled by John Strutton, London 1997

BLOB, for Amanda Francis, Space, Station 65, London, 2004

Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture (various contributions on several pages) ed. Alison Donnell, Routledge, London, 2002

Self Portraits, pp. 67- 8, The Book of Portrait Photography, a practical guide to creative techniques, Jorge Lewinski and Mayotte Magnus, Ebury Press, 1982

Extract from Circa, number 89, Ireland, 1999 for Night Time, Anna Laura Lopez de la Torre and the people of Southwark, London, 2009