The following are links to just a few of the articles and reviews I have published, mostly for Third Text journal and Art Monthly magazine.

I will be updating this page soon to make it a comprehensive archive.


AICA International Congress Report – Korea 2014



Curating The Legacy of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha:

John Gerrard: Third Text

Early One Morning: Third Text

Chinese Whispers: Third Text

Suki Chan – Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk: Third Text

Renzo Martens – Episode III: Third Text

10th East International – Ajamu’s Tail: Third Text

Sabera Bham – Veiled Sisters: Third Text

Johannes Phokela: Third Text

Mayling To & Susan Pui San Lok: Third Text

Phil Colllins -Marxism Today: Third Text

The State of the Arts in The Netherlands

The Incident at Modane: What have we learned? (on Rome)



Art Monthly: New Romantic(ism)?

Art Monthly: Do You Believe In Things?

Art Monthly: A Matter of Life & Death

Art Monthly: Inside Outsider Art

Art Monthly: On Making Art



ACE: Ruin Lust (review)

Wasafiri – Abbas Kiarostami article