I always introduce myself as ‘Artist, Writer & Lecturer‘ – in that order.

In fact, I also occasionally curate and sometimes write and perform songs, but I feel that the first three are enough when introducing, and that these three form the core of my professional creative profile.

I  pursue a policy of mostly uploading works to my site which I feel are tested, resolved, completed if possible through being already published and exhibited in ‘the real world.’

Nevertheless, as this site has grown so organically, over several years there remains a lot of un-exhibited and unpublished material here that I value and want to share but which I am gradually editing down now that I have control over my site via WordPress.

I have also made a new page, under ‘WORK‘ where I will show Current and Emerging works.

I hope you enjoy rambling around in my site, and please feel free to contact me: pok(use @)okpaul.com

Before I end this introduction I would like to thank Catherine O’Kane and Rob Fone (AKA Basement South‘) – who made the initial design of this site, also Paul Abbott -who recently converted it to WordPress, and Elvina Mercedes Flower – who now maintains this site.


NEWS:  ‘Days of the Water Sun – remembering the studio’
read the talk and the poem prepared and presented for:

‘Studio Complex’ – CSM / Tate Exchange. Saturday 20th January at 4pm (5th Floor Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern, London).


NEWS : Technologies of Romance – book publication


NEWS: A Journey Through Days 4 and 5 of the 50th AICA Congress, Paris, November 2017′