I Saw The Mountain Weep White Rain

The Leaf Fall On To The Waiting Lawn

The Untrained Honeysuckle Climb On Itself

I Saw The Cloud Parked On The Mountain

And Blossom Being Swept Into Gutters

Saw Green Grass Clawing Through Orange Mud

I Saw The Ink Misshape The Word

The Silent Scene Of The Distant Ship

I Saw The Girl’s Eyes Proud As She Played The Drum

I Saw The Grey Clouds Mixing With The Clouds White

I Was There
When Nothing Happened At All

I Saw Your Face At Every Window Of Your House

Saw Chins Raised As The Last Bells Chimed

I Saw The Flag Furled Close By The Changing Wind

I Saw A Towering Crucifix Turn

And Turbines Stilled Like Frozen Time

I Saw Sunlight Falling In A Twisted Glade

I Was There
When Nothing Happened At All

I Saw Wings Dart Blue Beneath The Bridge

And Children Wave To A Passing Train

I Saw A Man Kept Safe By A Solitary Song

I Saw Paradise Through Dark Glasses

I Saw Tracks Pressed Deep In The Tide Moist Sand

Light Cast By Pines On Their Salmon Trunks

I Saw Fields Gathered Up In The Dying Day

And Brave Birds Mount The Stout Sea Wall

I Saw A Father’s Dream Go Up In Smoke

And Regal Purple In A Bruised Eye

A Mangy Cat Stretching Out Its Final Summer

Saw Myself Chased In And Out Of Sleep

I Saw Sunlight Gleam On A Distant Tower

And A Window Cleaner Reaching The Peak Of His Ladder

I Was There
When Nothing Happened At All

I Saw Light Falling And Fade As It Fell

Saw The Apple Drop Dumb To Dry Earth

I Saw Glitter In The Morning Dew

And Pigeons Neck At Thrown Crusts

I Saw A Door Open And I Walked Right Through

I Was There
When Nothing Happened At All

I Saw Trees Share Their Shadows Like Sisters Convened

Saw Daisies Sprouting On A Railway Track

I Saw The Wren Flicker In The Wiry Hedge

And The High Hawk Hunt In Calm Circles

I Saw The Smile On The Commuter’s Face

The Red Car Speeding On The Country Road

Saw The First Rain’s Blot On The Patient Leaves

And Cyan Shadows Cast By The Evening’s Sulphurous Lamps

I Was There
When Nothing Happened At All