Cheolsan is an artwork made by artist, writer and lecturer Paul O’Kane made for the WILD PANSY PRESS PROJECT SPACE, University of Leeds.

The show ran from Thursday April 23rd until May 24th

Link to view ‘Cheolsan’ on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/126098794 

This work extends the artist’s interest in technologised narratives and is accompanied by copies of a text to be taken away. Cheolsan develops Paul O’Kane’s response to a part of Seoul, South Korea, at a special moment in the year. Imaginatively inhabiting the experience of local teenagers the artist uses video, photography, writing and speech to combine a multi-media or synaesthetic experience in which male and female, sound and sight, English and Korean, as well as still and moving images share and exchange responsibility for telling a tale that can never be completed by any one protagonist, perspective or process.